The Handmaid's Tale Set Design

(I wrote this in August 2017. It is now January 2018 and I am just now getting around to publishing it. That is all.)

YOU GUYS. Omg. Can we talk about the set design of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu? It's like Restoration Hardware met dystopia and I DIG IT. Major props to the set designers/decorators (not totally sure what the difference is between a set designer and a set decorator, but I'm guessing it's similar to the difference in an interior designer and an interior decorator). ANYWAY... let's get to the good stuff.

I'm only including the "pretty" sets, so no supermarket, Red Center, doctor's office.

The formal dining room:

Favorite parts of the dining room: the wallpaper and chandy, duh. I wish we go to see more of it.

The Kitchen:

I think my favorite room. Absolutely love the combo of the green molding and cabinetry with the brick and the white counter tops. The copper and brass accents. The plantation shutters. LOVE IT ALL.

The informal dining room:

The nursery:

The Study:

I think my favorite. The peacock green built-ins give me LIFE.

The Parlor:

Stairs and Hallways:

The exterior of the Waterfords' House:

Nick's Room:

So sparse but I'd live there.

The fancy place that they had the dinner at:

So most of the props goes to the architect of whatever this building was at, but omg:

Janine's New House:

That bed tho 😍

The Putnams' House:

This is so wonderfully awful I had to include it.

high point 2017 market favorites

I realized I'm never going to get around to writing a separate blog post on every single showroom I visited, so here's everything I saw in one fell swoop. #progressnotperfection

Vendors are (in order):

  • Sarreid
  • Visual Comfort
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Trowbridge Gallery
  • Spicher
  • Eleanor Rigby Leather
  • Highland House
  • Can't remember the two after Highland House
  • Gabby
  • Bunny Williams 
  • French Vintage something or other?
  • Selamat
  • Regina Andrew
  • Loloi
  • Worlds Away
  • Kaleen
  • Four Hands
  • Orient Express
  • Bliss
  • Modshop
  • Oomph
  • Fresh Industries
  • Thibaut


Previously Owned by a Gay Man

I love buying vintage/thrifted when possible. I heard Previously Owned by a Gay Man interviewed on The Chaise Lounge podcast recently do decided to check it out and see what products they offered. Here are a few of my faves!

All items available here at time of posting:

1 - Velvet Parker Chair

2- Klinkart 8 Drawer Chest

3 - Metal Travellers Trunk

4 - Hickory Custom Tete a Tete

5 - 1950s Canvas Messe Inc Basket



Four Hands

Hey! I recently opened up an account with Four Hands and I am OBSESSED! Who wants some? I'm looking forward to stopping by their showroom at High Point this weekend. Here are a few of my favorites--which one do you love? Let me know if you'd like to order any of these for your home!

Tiny Dino

The other week I half jokingly suggested to my sister that she buy this faux taxidermy T-Rex head for her office, Tiny Dino agency. To my surprise she went and bought it. It fits perfectly with her logo and branding, isn't it fun when things work out like that?

My sister owns a creative agency in LA specializing in video editing and post-production (Tiny Dino). I've been helping her scheme up some design ideas for her new space. I think it's come out really nice so far!

Top Birch Lane Armchairs

2016 wasn't all bad, I discovered a new vendor that I've grown to love: Birch Lane. They are part of the Wayfair brand, and have a Pottery Barn vibe at a cheaper price point.

Here are some Birch Lane armchairs I'm digging right now, ascending price:

Alvin Chair - $275


Manning Chair - $376 (starting price)

Clarkedale Chair - $515 (starting price)

Shephard Chair - $625 (starting price)

Montgomery Chair - $800 (starting price) (my favorite!)

Not a paid advertisement, just really love them! However, I am looking to work with more brands in 2017–if you are a brand and are interested in working on a sponsored post together, let me know!